Moonlight as a
Drug Lord. Unique drug dealing simulator
merging reality and online experience.

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Buy low, sell high. Hustle great deals with real people around you
and make big bucks by moving goods.

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Start small and build the empire.

Begin as a small-time pusher at the corner and grow your multi-million global operation deal by deal.

Upgrade equipment, expand your crew.

Buy vehicles, warehouses and weapons to boost volumes and reduce the risk. Hire suppliers, accountants and runners to access new markets and step up your enterprise.

Compete or cooperate with friends.

Cut-throat free-for-all and nothing personal? Or careful and fruitful collaboration for the good of both of you? It's for you to decide!

Dominate location-based leaderboards.

Become the best hustler in your city, expand to take over the country and rise to the top to rule as the most notorious kingpin of the global scale!

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Risk. Power. Money. Do you have what it takes to survive in the cruel and
merciless underworld of black market trade?

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